Im Back! :-)


Well after taking some time to have my baby and enjoy some family time,  Ive been looking back at all the weddings I done last year that ididn’t get the chance to share. As you are aware I done most of my weddings last year while I was pregnant so when I wasn’t doing a wedding or editing I was trying to sleep or just stop letting morning sickness take over my days! Lol I have to admit towards the end of my pregnancy, work was a struggle. But I still loved being part of my client’s special days even if my belly and back were strapped up like a straight jacket. But I can say that I got through my 80+ weddings and now that I have time to look through them I can relive the days with happiness and excitement again. This is the feelings that I try and provide my clients with. Images that record their day. All the ups and downs a wedding day can bring. From the tears at the ceremony to the laughs at the best man’s speech. No 2 wedding days are the same. And I feel its important to showcase that. The personal, individuality and private moments of the day. Moments that carry a lifetime of memories.

So over the next wee while I will be sharing some highlights of my season last year and look forward to showcasing the highlights from this years weddings also.

Sometimes a little break reminds you of how much you love your job. And how lucky I am to do it.

Kelly x